Know things related to pediatric surgery

Pediatric surgery is a collection of surgical procedures performed to treat a variety of diseases in children, ranging from abnormalities of internal organs to tumors. Many differences are found in surgical procedures in children and adults. Therefore, doctors who handle pediatric surgical procedures are different from general surgeons. Pediatric surgery developed in the mid-20th century, more precisely around the 1950s, where there were still many death threats in infants caused by certain diseases, but treatment and treatment were not yet available. Pediatric surgery only focuses on implementing procedures for handling diseases in children. Doctors who specifically handle surgery on children are called pediatric surgery specialists (Sp. BA). Indications for Child Surgery Pediatric surgery is generally done to treat the conditions: Congenital heart disease. Abnormalities in the structure of the heart from birth that disrupt the function of the heart, and cause symptoms such as
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